by Chanté Saunders & Maisie Brown

Our intention with ‘RUDEBOYS’ is to capture and reimagine a prominent era in British Caribbean history. We were initially inspired by the essence, style and attitude held by ‘Rudeboys’ during the 70s, which had a long lasting influence on following youth cultures such as ‘skinheads’ and the ‘punk’ era . Rudeboys is a similar term to gangsta, yardie, or badmanas and the attitude was in reaction to the social and economic conditions young

Jamaican men faced in post colonial Britain. We began working together, after sharing mutual interests on our Jamaican heritage, feeling inspired to revisit this era on our own terms. Intrigued by the lack of documentation with the style and attitudes of women during the era, this gave us a new domain to reimagine, piecing together a variety of aspects that signify the ‘Rudeboy’ subculture.


by Gabriel Gayle

Despite our contributions, our place continues to be questioned via bureaucratic hostility ultimately backed by the cold clinical frames of passport photographs.

The stories of Windrush illuminated a system built to place efficiency over care. Rampant outsourcing has left the government stripped of any real power outside of performative cruelty.

The acknowledgment we seek isn't from Tory or Labour governments, but from a collective consciousness that transcends political affiliations. Our value isn't determined by politicians or parties; it's affirmed by the countless lives we've touched, the communities we've transformed, and the indelible mark we've left on this land.

tldr: fuck the home office

Curated by:

Chanté Saunders, Gabriel Gayle & Maisie Brown

Produced by:

Chanté Saunders

The artists would like to warmly thank:

Truce Susan

The models; Freya, Zahra, Onyx, Maisie, and the 75 flaneurs

Mohammad Tariq

Anya Korosteleva


The team at Rook Records

DJ’s; Charlie, Kiyanda, Gabriel, Truce